121 & Word-of-Mouth Marketing


Why do some products become huge successes without a penny of promotion- and why do some multi-million-dollar advertising campaigns fails to get noticed?

Why is everyone talking about a certain restaurant, car, band, or dry cleaner- and why are other businesses and products ignored ?

The emergence of social commerce is talking word of mouth marketing to its next level by rewarding friends who go online to recommend product and services with cash, discounts and offers.

The development of digital technology and the rise in smartphone ownership have also ignited the use of brand champions and word of mouth from social shoppers.

The motivating factor that social and digital space rely on is that the social shopper wants to be the first person to tell their friends about a great deal or share something.

But where does the conversation start, and what is said to create the impetus for the marketing message succeed? and the how is the momentum maintained, and by who?

How we can help

In short, we help deliver programs that use face to face interaction designed to provide a differentiated experience that has the power to influence consumer’ opinion and behavior.

THis falls in two areas:

  • Management Tools: How to plan, develop, deliver and measure 121 programs
  • Brands Content Principles: How to best use words to communicate.
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