Activation Consulting


What is it?

Activation Consulting is an integral planning capability that links strategy to implementation. Its purpose is to manage the increased complexity of program and activity development which companies have to confront.

The offering was founded on the experience gained from seeing the job of strategy development to activity implementation conducted from three different angles: client, consultant and agency, and realizing that the process would become disconnected as defined by areas of responsibility or too unwieldy and inefficient based on the number of parties involved.
For example:

A complete shopper marketing program will involve three broad disciplines: insight gathering to define the shopper needs and motivations, strategy work to define the drivers and category priorities and the design and development of activities. On one level these processes can often become siloed, particularly the third area leaving great insight and strategy dry and on the shelf. On another level crucial insight is required through out the process and without connecting the needs to each stage of the development process, time and resources will be wasted on unnecessary additional gathering.

How we can help

We provide clients with a single point of contact in the conception, development and execution of all engagement and communication tools, working on a number of levels;

  • Provide a single point of contact on more complex solutions development requiring a number of third party supplier
  • Working to streamline third party agencies
  • Managing the tendering process to source new supplier
  • Full out-sourcing of ongoing activity / solutions development

Some of the benefits this approach has delivered for clients

  • Optimize budget spend with in and across channels
  • Drive efficiencies across multiple suppliers
  • Increase speed of development/ implementation
  • Consistency of approach and execution
  • Drive synergies between channels of business
  • Challenge thinking
  • Quality of activity
  • Identifying best practice & driving shared practice
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