Brand Activation Framework


Telling the brand story in a meaningful way

  • The On-Premise Brand Activation Framework was created to help brands cut through the complicated world of On-Premise activation and deliver meaningful brand experiences.
  • The On-Premise Brand Activation Framework builds in the most two important factors in effective On-Premise brand activation:
    • Capturing the fundamental characteristics of a 
 brand that will engage consumers; and
    • Reflecting the unique environment afforded by Leisure for building brand affinity
  • The On-Premise Brand Activation Framework works in tandem with the powerful insight generated through the 5Ws, and provides a guiding approach for anyone responsible (brand manager, channel managers and agencies etc) for developing activities for the On-Premise Channel.
  • We work with clients to adopt the On-Premise Brand Activation Framework in all aspect of strategy, planning and development.

Brand Amplification

The personal touch through direct to consumer engagement

  • Brand Amplification involves taking the marketing of brands and products into a one to one relationship between consumers and people who work for thebrand to talk about it and promote it.
  • There is nothing new about this kind of direct marketing. Amplifier is only one of a whole series of similar programmes familiar to consumers of other products (e.g. Avon, Tupperware, and Ann Summers lingerie).
  • Brand Amplifiers are a consumer driven, marketing force in which brand specific personnel actively focus on contacting the right opinion formers in a specific category of product, such that they switch brands and become loyal to the target brand.
  • Brand Amplification has proven to be one of the most successful marketing approaches in On-Premise, specifically in influencing brand adoption and image.