B2B Engagement


If customers are a vital link in your communication and product distribution to target consumers then you should be asking yourself the following question :

  • Who are our most loyal customers and who are the most disloyal?
  • Who are our profitable customers and who are the least profitable customers?
  • How do we calculate the yield from an investment in customer loyalty?
  • How much do we have to invest to improve the retailers disposition towards us as a supplier?
  • How much do we have to invest to retain an existing customer at a certain level?
  • How much do we to invest to win-back each defected / disaffected customer?
  • How should we allocate our marketing budget for the optimal return?

We believe B2B engagement is all about delivering customer solutions which meet fundamental needs and deliver high perceived value. They should:

  • Be built on what customers really need
  • Deliver Innovative approaches to substitute money
  • Place higher barriers for competition entry

How we can help

We work with clients to reviews customer engagement need, design, build, implement mange B2B Programmers. We tailor programmes to specific client and industry need, and do so using a tried and tested approach that looks at 6 key components:

  • Relationship : Where is the current status of your customer relationship, and how is this changing over time.
  • Satisfaction: How do you define customer satisfaction and what targets are set
  • Loyalty: What level of emotional loyalty or rational involvement are you seeking?
  • Segmentation: How can/should your customers be grouped: size, function need; motivational needs; relationship strength etc? Does this deliver against the marketing and brand strategies?
  • Rewards: What rewards and incentives will motivate customers to support your business and its strategies?
  • Programmes: How should you structure B2B engagement to ensure it builds robust long term relationships? Should this be a stand alone programme? What is its relationship with Trade Terms?
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