Category Management


By far the most important achievement of category management is the improvement in collaboration and trust between manufacturers and retailers.

However, you cannot just “do” category management. It involves 3 participants, each with their own agenda: retailer, supplier and shopper, and it won’t work unless content is brought to the table. The organization of this content becomes the platform, the common language by which retailers and suppliers can engage and talk to each.

How we can help

At the strategic level we work with our clients to develop the content through organizing info, analysis & learning; preparing strategies, tactics and data; an helping to change mindsets so that businesses are responsive and dynamic based on learning & progress.

At a more personal level we help client work cross-functionally and in collaborative supplier/customer relationships formulating plans and actions to drive enhanced business result by focusing on delivering consumer value.

Key areas we work clients on:

  • Category Management platform development: the businesses bible on how to organize information internally and how to plan customer engagement
  • Customer Engagement
  • Collaborative plan development
  • Success Modals Development
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