Closed Loop Marketing

blocks_image_1_1Closed Loop marketing is a process and digital tool for building a bridge between direct consumer marketing and retail marketing.Our approach will allow you to:

  • Talk personally to any potential or existing consumer, and
  • Direct them to purchase, at an outlet of your choice

We call this


We believe that clever integrated marketing campaigns using smart personalized messaging response rates don’t have to be at the paltry 1-2% level. By way of example the sunglasses case shown on the left delivered 7.8% response.

How we can help

We use a combination of personalised email, personalised web & portals, personalised direct mail, optimised lead allocation and prospect nurturing, and we do it all from one underlying database.

The essence of this approach: this finely targeted approach means you are able to achieve more and spend less.

  • You talk to your target consumer in your personalised manner via email and web.
  • You incentivise them to participate in your campaign, and to try your product.
  • You are directing them to the closest outlet near their given address.
  • You are coordinating with the target outlet to receive your target consumer (with potentially an incentive to purchase e.g. a voucher).
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