Commercial Diagnostic


What is it?

The purpose of the Marketing Diagnostic Dashboard is to assess how a business can make further improvements to the workings and infrastructure of the sales and marketing organisation, which will enable it to be more effective and efficient in meeting targets.

The Marketing Diagnostic Dashboard is a tool that enables objective measurement of current performance in terms of the implementation against predefined internal practices, as well as industry best practice. Simply put we aim to identify;

  • Where activities and actions are working well
  • Where minor changes in current activities or actions could enhance result
  • Where activities and actions are not working
  • Where the business needs to develop further, based on the market’s needs and level of sophistication

How does it work?

Marketing diagnostic Dashboard comprises 35 specific areas of marketing and distribution practice. To evaluate each area a series of questions have been formulated based on industry benchmarks. Each question is graded according to the following traffic light system:

  • It is working well
  • Some improvement is required
  • There is a cause for concern

The total questions in each area are then aggregated to provide a total traffic light score.

How we can help

PACH solution complete the Marketing Diagnostic through reviewing documents; immersion in the business to see practice in operation; interviews with designated individuals, and spending time in the field.

The concluding report and Dashboard will identify key strengths and weakness of current practices and recommendations as to how the business can improve.

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