Customer Benchmarking


Customer Benchmarking is a research program which determines customer perception of a company’s performance, and compares it against an industry/category benchmark and an overall benchmark supplier.

We believe that it should be a core platform of any successful trade marketing and distribution operation. It ensures that the business doesn’t settle for the status quo, rather that it strives to be the best in the industry in those areas that are deemed critical for long term success. Additionally, it can be used to gain leverage with accounts/customers and improve return on investment by directing the business to key areas of opportunity.

The focus is on understanding customer needs and requirement across a number of different disciplines and trade channels, then identifying and closing any performance gaps. Detailed action plans are developed following the analysis to ensure the company retains, or moves closer to achieving, benckmark supplier status.

How we can help

We have conducted Customer Benchmarking exercise across numerous industries, both in type and level of sophistication(accounts and independents).

We can provide both off-the-shelf standard questionnaires, or , as most of our clients prefer, tailored benchmarking, to ensure that the question are relevant to the needs of the business.

Some of our clients have already conducted benchmarking exercise, and in these cases we have been asked to review their current practices to understand how we can help improve their existing processes; structure; types of question; frequency etc.

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