Cycle Planning

synchronising activity planning for maximum ROI

How We can Help


We help clients improve the current Cycle Planning process or build an effective and efficient new process with the aim of

  • Ensuring better resource allocation and return on investment on activities
  • Providing consistency of planning and execution
  • Ensure past learning is built in to a continual feedback loop so that previous successes are repeated and any past failures are not
  • Establishing a clear link between activities and company / brand performance

Cycle Planning Explained

  • Cycle Planning is the process of planning, development, execution and review of all the cycle activities which impact the field force, and direct to consumer activities.
  • Cycle planning comprises three main components:
    • The Cycle Planning Meeting: this is the monthly meeting held to review current status on the planning, development, execution and review of cycle activities.
    • Annual Cycle Plan: rolling 12 month calendar of activities
    • Cycle Activity Planning: The process of planning and developing an activity, and then executing and reviewing it typically involves 6 main steps:
      • Activity Initiation: kick starting the activity
      • Activity Planning and Design: outlining how the activity will be structured
      • Activity Development: building the activity
      • Activity Communication: creating the communication
      • Activity Execution: in field
      • Activity Evaluation: review of both activity and cycles
  • Supporting this are 4 critical tools that make the Cycle Planning process function:
    • Activity Recommendation: each activity is initiated with the preparation of an Activity Recommendation, which sets out specific objectives and success measures
    • Activity Critical Path: for each activity planned in the Cycle Plan, an Activity Critical Path is created to set out lead times for all key actions involved in delivering the activity
    • Cycle Instructions, Sales Organiser & Sales Presenters: provides documented instructions of the next cycle activity for the Trade Marketing Representatives
    • Cycle Evaluation: each and every cycle activity must be evaluated after the execution in the field is complete, and all relevant information has been gathered to review the activity