Effective Field Force Management


Effective deployment of the sales force is first and foremost about resource allocation decisions. What should be the ideal size of our field force? How do we get the right people to call on our trade customers? Not only are these question critical, the answer can also change with the circumstances and time.

Additionally, activating the sales force effectively means that what gets decided in the boardroom gets actually executed successfully at store level. More often than not this is frequently not the case in many companies. After the strategies are agreed, when it comes to execution it gets fuzzy, and this leads often to sub-optimal results.

Effective selling is all about understanding the needs of the trade customers and tailoring the presentation towards those needs, raising interest and anticipating concerns, then closing firmly.

How we can help

On a strategic level we work with clients to help analyse and classify the trade, to come up with the right size field force. We also help determine the ideal trade coverage, which can be different by channel. We propose strategic options regards to field force resource. Additionally, we work to ensure that sales has a seat at the planning table, so that the needs of the trade are taken into consideration early enough in the planning process to ensure successful sales. We also advise our clients on effective recruitment criteria, which is dependent on trade classification and need of the trade.

On an operational level we work with clients on effective sales communication and sales meeting. In addition, we have effective selling modules that we use for training purposes, featuring the proven 5 step selling format, matching the sales presentation to the mental buying process.

The tools we use inculde

  • a trade classification model,
  • recruitment selection criteria modal,
  • trade coverage modal,
  • effective cycle planning & sales meeting templates,
  • sales motivation and incentive options,
  • sales training.
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