Effective Marketing Performance

Aligning functions for optimal performance
“Given the tough economic environment, the key to solid business growth is to ensure that Marketing & Sales work as one single unit”
The Fournaise Marketing Performance Group

  • Effective Marketing Performance® is a proprietary tool we use to align functions and companies around common goals, and is built from extensive management experience of what does and does not work in delivering effective marketing and sales teams.
  • Effective Marketing Performance® ensures that individuals, functions and operating companies work towards common goals. It means that the different levels of the organisation are clear about what they have to achieve, and when-why-how they have to achieve it.
  • The approach is based on how people and groups work best together, synchronising strategic, operational planning and execution to deliver better team work and business results, such as:
    • Improved speed to market
    • Business growth
    • Improved forecast accuracy
    • Reduced inventory levels
    • Reduced wastage in planning activities
    • Higher effectiveness in execution
    • Clarity of responsibility / decisions

Key Deliverables of Effective Marketing Performance®

  • Mapping of all critical marketing planning processes, and templates required to make the process function smoothly
  • Key decisions are defined for each major area of marketing planning, with who is the ‘Decider’, ‘Recommender’ and ‘Inputter’
  • Information audit is conducted to understand current needs and availability. Gaps are identified, and redundant sources removed
  • KPI’s are identified by key roles and functions to ensure accountability
  • Roles and responsibilities are clarified to ensure there are no duplication of responsibilities
  • Fostering of a team spirit and work ethic

How we can help

  • Each project is initiated with a marketing diagnostic (click on the image opposite for more information). In summary, this involves the development of a ‘traffic light’ report using a deep understanding of the commercial business workings of companies across several industries.
  • The accompanying report provides a detailed review of:
    • Strategic direction and operational management of the business
    • Current strengths, issues and opportunities for further improvement in marketing performance
  • Based on the findings if the report, we then work with clients on three levels to prepare the most Effective Marketing Performance® solution for their business:
    • Strategy and budget cycle: linking the direction the company takes with the marketing priorities;
    • Cycle planning: positively affecting consumer purchasing behaviour by ensuring marketing activities are introduced and sustained at the right time and in the right outlets.
    • Sales operational planning: measuring performance against the strategic plans that have been developed, and forecasting how best to achieve objectives