On-Premise Owner Needs Segmentation

Delivering relevant brand engagement through clear behavioural understanding

  • If brands are to connect with their target consumers through truly relevant brand experiences, a thorough understanding of what drives their behaviour is necessary.
  • PACH Solutions has developed a proprietary research and insights tool, which we simply call the 5Ws. The 5Ws looks at all the critical elements which would define how to successfully differentiate an activity so that it connects with the right target consumer in the right outlet:
    • Who : Who are your smokers by channel type and how do they behave?
    • When : When do smokers visit the outlet during a typical day in conjunction with other outlets?
    • What : What drivers should you be focused on?
    • Where : Where in the outlet should your focus be to maximise impact for your brands?
    • Which : Which environment will best guide the design activations

Macro Trend Reporting

Building a trend map to understand key influences for the brand

  • Trends are the life blood of the On-Premise industry. They help create them and provide a fertile ground for growing and expanding them.
  • In recognition of the importance of trends PACH Solutions provide an ad hoc trend reporting service. Reports are tailored to clients needs, and will focus on identifying critical and noteworthy developments in On-Premise around the world or in specific designated cities.
  • They are designed to be a critical and valuable tool to our clients On-Premise teams, enabling them to take advantage of emerging behavioural changes, delivering insider information, ideas, insights and concepts that can be deployed to create meaningful dialogue and add value to their key customers.