Marketing in a Regulated Environment


What is it?

A regulated market is any market which through self regulation of government intervention has some or many of its freedom to market and sell its product curtailed.

Increasing regulations and controls are a factor facing many categories and industries. While these increasing controls are most noticeable in alcohol and tobacco for obvious health reasons, a growing number of industries are coming under similar scrutiny for other reasons, largely driven by health concerns e.g.

  • Obesity and the link with sugar: industries effected: soft drinks, confectionary
  • Fatty foods. Industries effected: fast food, processed food, snacks
  • Gambling: on-line gambling; betting shops
  • Co2 emissions/pollution. Industries effected: automobile, transportation

What you should do

Understanding how to prepare in a timely manner for more regulated market conditions can be the difference between succeeding and failing with your brands, and be a major source of competitive advantage if you get it right.

One area that typically becomes regulated or restricted soonest is Above-The-Line media. As this happens businesses need to consider how to ensure they have suitable non-media replacement tools for building brand imagery and preference e.g. digital, in-store marketing, trade marketing.

How we can help

In the short-term we work with clients to determine how to react to the immediate threat of marketing restrictions to provide consumers continued access to product, and protect volume which may be threatened.

In the long term we work with clients to build strategies and approaches for understanding, anticipating and managing the succeed in more restricted environments.

Projects we have worked on

We have a wealth of experience of working in regulated industries. The following are only a small of project we have worked on:

  • Engagement and constructive debate with stakeholder.
  • Market modelling: reallocating investment from ATL to non-media based marketing tools, and how to leverage them in a timely manner for a competitive advantageous marketing position.
  • Evolving trade and channel marketing capabilities; strategy development, planning and implementation. Both global and in-market.
  • Building in-store/retail marketing expertise: gearing up marketing capabilities internally; agency selection and management;
  • Driving close cooperation between corporate affairs and marketing creating an integrated regulatory agenda
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