On-trade Brand Tracker

A unique tool for measuring on-premise brand equity and performance

The Issue

  • Due to the inherent constraints of research of collecting data in On-Premise, measuring general brand performance or the success of specific activities is not easy

The key to successful On-premise measurement

  • It should not be too disruptive for the consumers or staff with in the outlet
  • It should be executable in both quiet and noisy environments
  • It should be short and quick
  • It should be efficient i.e. less overall time in the outlet
  • Must consider both trade and consumer attitude

The Solution

  • At PACH Solutions we have developed what we believe is the first of its kind: a simple and effective measurement and reporting system which tracks brand performance and image attributes over time.
  • Step 1: Data is collected in-outlet through a short (2 min) mobile questionnaire
  • Step 2: Outlet data is uploaded automatically to a cloud based server
  • Step 3: Dashboard is reported back to client via web