Mapping the On-Premise trade landscape


Mapping priority channels and outlets for optimal ROI

  • Mapping the trade landscape provides the critical foundation for resource allocation decisions within the channel. Three things need to be considered.
  • Outlet Universe: the total number of outlets focused on will have a direct impact on the level of investment, field force structure, route to market and capabilities to develop and implement marketing initiatives
  • Channel Segmentation: breaking down existing trade channels into differentiated sub-channels drives the planning process and drives activity differentiation
  • Outlet Classification: goes a step deeper than channel segmentation by defining specific priority outlets within sub-channels, to ensure up weighted outlet investment is only focused on
  • We have a wealth of experience in developing models which work for different industries, categories and brands in mapping the trade landscape, and use this to work with our clients to build approaches that meet their specific strategic needs.

City Scope

cityscopeMapping a city’s cultural life to drive a brands experiential marketing program

  • City Scope is a tool for profiling any given global city, providing a snapshot of the cultural life of the city and key On-Premise venues/locations.
  • The approach combines desk research and on-the-ground interaction within the city.
  • Identification & recruitment of local expert research partners (where necessary)
  • Interviews with local cultural commentators (magazine editors bar owners, promoters)
  • City Scope output provides topline audit of: On-Premise universe, Cultural life; Fashion, Feel & mood, People, Music, Trends, Important Areas of the city to focus on.