Outlets Brand Mapping

Finding the rigth target brand universe

What is it?

  • A methodology for mapping brands to outlets using consumer segmentation.
    • It links an outlet to a consumer segment so specific brand outlets can be identified.
    • It enables you to identify the ‘need states’ in an outlet, so you can tailor the brand activation to the right consumer need.
  • Outlet Brand Mapping should be done only once you’ve completed Channel Segmentation and Outlet Classification. It is an additional step so you can confirm the perfect fit between a specific brand, the outlet and its consumers.
  • It is dependent on the business having conducted a consumer segmentation study, based on consumer brand choice drivers or values. This type of study identifies groups of consumers in a given category or market with similar needs and expectations of brands. This type of consumer segmentation methodology has proven to be better method of segmentation than either the demographic or psychographic method:
    • High level of brand differentiation
    • Excellent targeting tool
    • Excellent application for portfolio strategy

How we can help

  • Due to the unique environments we have developed two different approaches: one for traditional retail environments and one for On-Premise channels i.e. where product is consumed on the premises.
  • We work with your marketing and sales teams to first conduct a pilot study, then consolidate learning and finally prepare the business for a full geographic implementation.
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