Route-2-Consumer (R2C)

Defining the optimal route to market

What are your current needs?

  • Do you need more or less control over your secondary supply chain? Is it important to operate through an exclusive distribution system? If you had the opportunity to rebuild your route to market would it look the same as it does today? New to a market, then how do you maximise the ROI on going-to-market in the short, medium and long term?
  • A successful route to market, is the operation which will fuel market share growth and market value growth. The level of control exerted by a business is closely related to whether there is an active or passive management of the secondary supply chain. This must be balanced with the opportunity to drive the strategy, with the preferred route to market model not always the least costly option.

How we can help: Route-2-Consumer

  • We work with clients to determine the optimal level of access required to the market across the various route-to-market models: direct, exclusive or non-exclusive distributors and wholesalers. Typical market solutions usually encompass all options, with each model providing different levels access and trade off in terms of cost benefit.
  • We do this using our Route-2-Consumer tool (R2C). R2C provides a structured approach to analyse consumer, trade and market data and to assess and develop the most effective and efficient route to consumer that delivers;
    • Targeted brand portfolio distribution
    • Effective execution of Marketing and TM&D strategy
    • Faster and sustainable growth of strategic brands
  • R2C is…
    • Pragmatic: Using workshops to create buy-in and avoid complex analysis
    • Structured: Using a clear framework to support rational decision making
    • Fact-based: Driven by insights and information and not assumptions
    • High impact: Driving towards implementable solutions and focusing on the biggest wins