Shopper & In-store Marketing


Did you know that after six impressions any in-store marketing message becomes wallpaper? And also that in-store is now only second to TV advertising in creating brand awareness. Getting it right in-store has never been more important.

The last decade has seen an exponential growth in consumer media consumption across all forms of media, with the result that ATL is being diluted by the wealth of alternative media available to consumers, and losing its effectiveness. At the same time in-store has grown in prominence as a marketing medium. The growing importance, has seen the inception of shopper marketing-marketing at the first moment of truth.

As a concept that has grown up in the last 10 years, shopper marketing has become subject to different interpretations, from the somewhat cynical view that it is sales promotions in a different shirt to an all embracing new marketing discipline. At PACH solutions we take the view its whatever the shopper says it is. Shoppers do not care whether the communication they are receiving is an TV ad, consumer promotion, trade promotion, product package, or point of sale. They do not categorize these messages, they do not care what the industry calls them and they certainly do not care who pays for them. They just want relevant information, a pleasant store experience and an rewarding purchase.

How we can help

We work with clients on a number of different levels :

  • Design and delivery of practical shopper programmes
  • Generation of shopper behavior research, segmentation and analytics.
  • Aligning shopper and consumer segmentation / drivers to establish integrated go to market solution
  • Collaborative programme planning
  • In-store activation: merchandising design : promotional activity etc.
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