Strategic Planning

Robust long term planning

How we can help

  • We help clients build a structured approach to the annual strategic planning process. Elements of this are
    • Establish clear and limited meeting schedule with participation focused on decision making
    • Absolute clarity of ‘who-does-what’ to avoid duplication of roles
    • KPI Dashboard which drives performance
    • Information needs which drive business decisions for brand, channel marketing and sales
  • PACH Solutions has a unique and interactive way of driving change with clients. The following client quotes provide some insight into how this approach manifests itself in a committed work team:
    • “Middle management involved in the change rather then just top down from senior management”
    • “We worked well as a cross functional team”
    • “We achieved alignment and understanding, and most of all ownership”
    • “Better exposure of middle management to other functions”
    • “Improved communication and effectiveness”
    • “We optimised the business processes”
    • “Change came from down upwards”
    • “We were externally challenged and driven by experts”
    • “We shared the issues and focussed on solving the problems”
    • “The process fostered people’s commitment to change”

Strategic Planning explained:

  • Annual Strategic Planning is the process by which the business sets objectives, policies and strategies to produce a coherent and detailed company plan for the current year the 3 coming years.
  • Effective annual planning ensures that:
    • Various commercial functions align themselves with any Regional and the Central Functions, by working towards common goals.
    • The different levels of the organisation in are clear about what they have to achieve, and when-why-how they have to achieve It.
  • Typically we work on four quarterly stages in the Annual Planning Process:
    • Business Review meeting (Q1)
    • TDT Planning Meeting (Q2)
    • Strategic Plan meeting (Q3)
    • Operational Plan meeting (Q4)