Strategy Development

On-Premise Strategy & Guidelines

Driving channel strategy for long term growth

We work with clients to help shape their strategic approach to the channel, through the creation of practical strategies and toolkits to help guide thinking and actions in On-Premise. Previous work has included:

  • Articulating the role of the channel vis-a-vis specific brands
  • Providing a framework to guide strategic and operational planning
  • Preparation of businesses cases to explain the importance of the channel, and justify investment decisions
  • Defining the channel information needs, and usage for effective planning & measurement
  • Development of global toolkits to guide actions and practices within the channel

On-Premise Diagnostic

Understanding areas for channel improvement

  • The On-Premise Diagnostic is an organisational capability assessment tool, that allows our clients to understand the effectiveness of their On-Premise approach and tools.
  • We conduct a comprehensive assessment of current strategies and practices, producing a report and accompanying traffic light system which highlights areas of strength and opportunity for improvement.